Myrna Muñoz

Myrna has focused her career on transforming schools for more equitable outcomes, a more equitable experience, and a more equitable future. She specializes in increasing capacity for the representation of all voices being served, inclusion and access for all students, and incorporating an asset-based lens into system cultures. She has expertise in centering needs and creating tiered supports for all students.

Before coming to Education Northwest, Myrna worked extensively in school districts in California and Oregon to bring equity and representation to underserved communities. She received her undergraduate degree in rhetoric at the University of California, Berkeley, her Master’s in educational leadership from Concordia University, and holds teaching credentials in California and Oregon as well as an administrative credential in Oregon.

Outside of changing the world, Myrna serves on the Portland Backpack board, is deeply engaged with dual-language immersion program development and advocacy, and enjoys spending time with her family, especially the treasures!

A transformation must be led with listening to and empowering every member of the community to stand for their truth. Building community must start with every stakeholder feeling seen and heard, and grows only when we empower all stakeholders to take action.

Equity and Systems Improvement


Blog Posts

No One Gets Left Behind: Affirming a Mexican Vision of Community


September 15th, 2021

Myrna Muñoz invites everyone to join in her ancestors’ Mexican way of understanding community—affirming, supporting, and empowering one another.