Sarah Frazelle

Sarah works closely with a variety of education stakeholders and facilitates collaboration around research-based practices to help improve student outcomes. She works nationally and regionally to provide technical assistance on data quality and early warning systems (EWS) for dropout prevention.

In addition to writing about EWS best practices and designing professional development to help districts implement these systems, she has created a variety of evaluation tools to examine key implementation levers. Her approach to evaluation begins with in-depth conversations with clients to assess their needs and ends with specific action items focused on supporting program improvement.

Prior to joining Education Northwest, Sarah served as the assistant director of the Kansas City Area Education Research Consortium.

On the weekends you can normally find her hiking, backpacking and learning more about Pacific Northwest indigenous plant and wildlife.

"I appreciate how Education Northwest allows me to apply my statistical knowledge to provide educators with actionable data interpretations to guide their decisions. I feel like this combination is imperative to making a difference for our region's students."

Senior Advisor, Research/Analysis


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January 20th, 2015

The idea for the early warning system (EWS) work came out of a meeting I had with superintendents and other leaders from the AA districts of Montana—the seven largest districts in the state. What I heard over and over was, “We have students in our districts who are struggling, and we’re providing...