Trevor Soponis

Trevor began his career in education teaching “The History of Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture” as an undergraduate at Tufts University’s Experimental College. Following that transformative experience, he entered the New York City Teaching Fellows program, leading English and journalism classes, including the publication of the nation’s only uncensored student newspaper at an alternative high school in Queens. After teaching full time he worked as a program evaluator for The Nature Conservancy’s youth education program, LEAF.

After joining the New York City Department of Education, Soponis worked on the multi-year rollout of ADVANCE, the teacher evaluation and professional development system, leading trainings with teachers, principals and university faculty on the implementation of the observation and feedback cycle. Most recently as the Director of University Partnerships in the Office of Postsecondary Readiness, he led collaborative efforts with local institutions to address the shared challenges of educator effectiveness and student success. Soponis is currently pursuing his doctorate degree at New York University, focused on alternative high school program design and implementation.

“Like Education Northwest, I am passionate about continuously improving the teaching and learning experiences at our nation’s schools.”

Senior Advisor – Effective Educator Workforce

Areas of Work: