Vicki Nishioka

Vicki is a senior research advisor with extensive experience in evaluation and technical assistance focusing on bullying and harassment, early childhood education, transitions, and special education. She is the lead evaluator on several projects and serves as a consultant to the Region X Equity Assistance Center. She also serves as the Oregon State Coordinator for both REL Northwest and the Northwest Comprehensive Center, working with Oregon Department of Education staff and other stakeholders to address issues of concern. Her REL Northwest work includes acting as research lead for the Oregon Leadership Network Research Alliance and as a resource for other alliances in the state. Vicki earned her Ph.D. in education at University of Oregon.

I feel privileged to work at Education Northwest because of our commitment to work alongside school and community partners to increase our collective knowledge, improve educational practices, and, most important, help students achieve success.

Blog Posts

Three Ways to Improve Teacher-Student Relationships and Reduce Discipline Disparities


December 19th, 2016

What skills can teachers learn to relate better to their students across cultures? Researcher Vicki Nishioka offers strategies to build teacher-student relationships and close the racial discipline gap.

Closing the Discipline Gap Where It Starts—in Preschool Programs


September 1st, 2015

Researcher Vicki Nishioka frames alarming statistics for out-of-school suspensions and discipline disparities in preschool programs with a set of practices that can help schools end the problem.

Reducing School Suspensions Through Legislation


May 27th, 2015

Welcome to the Oregon Leadership Network's monthly blog series. Topics relate to building the capacity of education leaders to sustain research-based equitable practices across Oregon’s P–20 education system. Learn more about the Oregon Leadership Network . In 2013, the Oregon Legislature made...