Assessing Mathematical Understanding: K-1 and Diagnostic Assessment Videos

Kindergarten Videos

The video clips of teacher-student assessment interviews provide an opportunity for users to discuss and clarify different types of student responses.

Anticipate your students’ responses. What answers might they give to this assessment item?

Describe student responses for each of the following scores:

  • Correct answer given quickly with confidence
  • Correct answer
  • Partially correct answer
  • Incorrect answer, no response, or “I don’t know”

View video clips and describe each student’s response. How would you justify the score given to this student? How does each student’s response compare with the description you gave in the question above?

Place 16 Cubes on the Page

How Many Crayons?

How Many People?

What’s Hidden?

Point to the Squares

First-Grade Videos

How Many Pencils?

Measure the Line

How Long is the Line?

Diagnostic Assessment Video

What Number is Below the Arrow?

This video clip provides an example of a teacher and student engaging in the diagnostic assessment. As you view the clip, consider the following questions:

  • What is the teacher learning about the student’s mathematical understanding?
  • If you were this child’s teacher, how would you use this information to change your instruction?
  • What are the benefits of conducting such an interview?
  • How will you organize and schedule opportunities to conduct diagnostic assessments? Which of your students are first priorities for the interviews?

View the Assessing Mathematical Understanding resource page.