Our Commitment to Equity

The communities we serve are culturally vibrant, resilient, and rich with talent. They have diverse histories, languages, and perspectives that enrich our world. In addition to carrying these invaluable assets, many communities we serve, particularly communities of color, face historical, social, and economic injustices caused by systemic oppression. One way this injustice manifests in education is the disparities in opportunities and outcomes that students of color experience based on their race or ethnicity.

Education is only one of many paths toward acquiring knowledge, skills, and identity, but we believe it is a powerful tool for building a more just society. To achieve our vision of an excellent and equitable education for all, Education Northwest works closely with partners to identify institutional barriers created by inequitable systems. We collaboratively recommend ways to redesign systems according to need, develop methods for ensuring access to learning opportunities, and provide culturally responsive supports that uplift communities’ existing values and beliefs.

To help our partners address pressing problems of educational inequity, we must start within. Education Northwest is committed to being an organization where employees from all backgrounds thrive, particularly staff members who come from underrepresented communities and have intimate knowledge of systems of oppression. Education Northwest aims to intentionally cultivate a safe, inclusive work environment where people can fully share their expertise and lived experiences. This diversity of thought and experience not only increases the relevance, efficacy, and value of our work; it also helps us to grow individually and collectively while enhancing our organizational culture and community.

We invite our partners to join us in the process of continuous learning as we work toward a more equitable future where every student can access the supports and opportunities they need to thrive. Together, we can create communities that respect, value, celebrate, and support all people.