2015 National Title I Conference

2015 National Title I Conference logo

The National Title I Association is dedicated to improving and implementing the Title I program so that more children reach their academic potential. The Association provides educational leaders at the state and local levels with the opportunity to work together to share ideas on effective and innovative programs, identify problems and solutions, and represent the needs of Title I families.

This year's conference will bring together thousands of Title I practitioners at all levels and from every part of the country.

Education Northwest will participate in the presentation of a breakout sessions at this year's event:

Preschool Teachers Make a Difference! Improving Early Literacy in High Poverty Schools

With educators around the nation focusing on higher Common Core standards, and with ongoing efforts attempting to evaluate educator effectiveness, there has never been a more important time than the present to improve Kindergarten readiness for students who are at risk of struggling in reading and language arts. This session will present lessons learned from a professional development literacy initiative that supports Pre-K teachers through coaching and ongoing training. The initiative is a partnership between the Houston Independent School District and Neuhaus Education Center (NEC) of Houston, TX, and is being evaluated by independent evaluators at Education Northwest in Portland, OR. Presenters will share practical experiences from the design of the initiative, data on teacher knowledge and practices, and student outcomes on the Early Literacy Quick Assessment (ELQA) from the first year. Participants will engage in learning about how to improve Pre-K literacy


Marybeth Flachbart is President and CEO of Neuhaus Education Center (NEC) in Houston, TX, a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to literacy. Prior to joining NEC Marybeth was the Deputy Superintendent of Student Achievement and School Improvement for the Idaho Department of Education. In addition to 10+ years of classroom experience, Marybeth has served as a state Literacy Coordinator, Director of Reading First, Special Education and Title I Director.