41st Annual COSA Seaside Conference "Believe and Achieve"

41st Annual COSA Seaside Conference logo

At the June 2015 Confederation of School Administrator (COSA) conference in Seaside, Education Northwest was involved in the presentation of two sessions.

Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica and Mary Martinez-Wenzl co-presented with Danielle Sheldrake and Wei-Wei Lou, of the Beaverton School District, in a session on June 18, titled "Researcher–Practitioner Partnering for Improving Programs for English Learners." This session described two aspects of a partnership between Beaverton School District (BSDE) and Education Northwest. The first is a research group facilitated by Education Northwest that was composed of BSD teachers, administrators, ESL specialists, and charged with developing recommendations for program models, instructional practices, and professional development related to English learners. The second is how BSD used an Education Northwest rubric to conduct a self-check of the coherence of the district program for English learners. You will learn not only about the products of the partnership but also about how to partner effectively with a research institution.

Kendra Hughes co-presented with Denise Wright, from the Centennial School District, in a session titled, "Early Warning Systems in Action" on June 19. This session provided an overview of the research on early warning systems in relation to drop-out prevention and increasing graduation rates in Oregon and an overview of EWS implementation that includes strategies for starting an EWS initiative, the importance of systematically aligning interventions with student need, and a discussion of how an EWS can be used to identify more equitable outcomes for all students. The session also highlights Centennial School District’s journey in implementing its early warning system.