AERA 2015

AERA banner graphic showing date and location

Education Northwest’s work in equity, English learner instruction, postsecondary and career readiness, and school improvement were highlighted at the annual conference of theAmerican Educational Research Association (AERA), April 16–20 in Chicago. One of the premier research gatherings in the nation, this year’s event is under the theme, “Toward Justice: Culture, Language, and Heritage in Education Research and Praxis." Education Northwest researchers and evaluators will share their findings in 12 sessions.

Following is a list of presentations by Education Northwest staff members.

Thursday, April 16

Estimation of Achievement Gaps on a Large-Scale Assessment in Hawaii
A poster presentation on research by Malkeet Singh and Hella Bel Hadj Amor with co-presenter Shuqiang Zhang (University of Hawaii, Manoa).
Downloads: Poster

Friday, April 17

Building Capacity: What Is Needed To Support Districts With Emerging English Learner (EL) Student Enrollments?
Theresa Deussen serves as the discussant in this symposium session featuring three paper presentations.

From Test Scores to Language Use: What English Learners Do in Real-Time Academic Communication in English
Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica presents a paper in this session.
Downloads: Slides | Paper

Supporting English Learners Through Sheltered Instruction: Year 2 Results From a Cluster-Randomized Trial
This roundtable session includes Theresa Deussen, Angela Roccograndi, Makoto Hanita, Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica, and Elizabeth Autio.
Downloads: Handout | Paper

Using Propensity-Score Matching in Program Evaluation: Lessons Learned in a Statewide Evaluation of a College-Prep Program in Hawai’i
A poster presentation on research by Malkeet Singh, Michelle Hodara, and Changhua Wang.
Downloads: Poster

Native Hawaiian Students Mathematics Achievement
This roundtable session includes Malkeet Singh and Hella Bel Hadj Amor with co-presenter Shuqiang Zhang.
Downloads: Slides

Saturday, April 18

The Going Gets Tough: State Capacity To Support Federal School Turnaround Principles
Caitlin Scott and Nora Ostler present during this paper session.
Downloads: Slides | Handout | Paper

10:35 a.m.–12:05 p.m.
Examining Gaps and Opportunities in the High School–to–College Transition for Oregon Students
Michelle Hodara and Ashley Pierson present during this paper session.

Sunday, April 19

The Impact of District Variations in High School Graduation Requirements on Latino Newcomer Immigrant Students
Mary Martinez-Wenzl presents during this paper session.
Downloads: Slides

Shedding Light on an Elusive Climb: A Longitudinal Study of Indiana English Language Learner Test Performance
Malkeet Singh presents in a poster session with co-presenters April M. Burke (Central Michigan University) and Trish Morita Mullaney (Purdue University).
Downloads: Poster

The Native Hawaiian Student Achievement Gap: Different Methods, Different Estimates
Malkeet Singh and Hella Bel Hadj Amor present in this paper session with co-presenter Shuqiang Zhang.
Downloads: Slides

Appreciative Inquiry Breaks Down Walls: Foundation Facilitation of District and University Collaboration
Caitlin Scott and Elizabeth Gandhi present during this roundtable session.
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