Idaho ESEA Conference

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The Idaho State Department of Education is offers the next biennial federal programs conference on April 15—17, 2015. The Idaho ESEA Conference, "Listen.Learn.Lead." will be held at the Boise Centre in beautiful downtown Boise, ID. The featured keynote speakers will be Jim Knight and Dr. Steve Perry. In addition, several highly qualified experts will be covering a broad range of topics specific to meeting the needs of our at-risk students in Idaho's schools. You can learn more about the conference through the Idaho State Department of Education.

Education Northwest staff members are presenting the following sessions:

Language: From the Idaho Core to the Elementary Classroom
Friday, April 17, 10:15 a.m.—12:00 p.m.
Presenter: Jacob Williams
Audience: Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Building Leadership, District Leadership, Program Specific Staff
Let’s dive into the sometimes-overlooked language standards in the Idaho Core. Participants will learn what elementary students should know and be able to do in language and apply their learning to their current classroom or school context.

The Northwest Rural Innovation and Student Engagement (NW RISE) Network: A Case Study of Small Rural Northwest Schools Using a Network to Support Teachers and Engage Students
Wednesday, April 15, 1:30—4:30 p.m.
Presenter: Matthew Eide
Audience: Teachers, Building Leadership, District Leadership
This presentation will discuss the experiences, opportunities, and lessons learned from the Northwest Rural Innovation and Student Engagement (NW RISE) Network. This network, comprised of small rural districts in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, is focused on reducing the isolation of teachers, developing Professional Capital, increasing student engagement, and supporting the implementation of rigorous new standards. Network participants will share their experiences, discuss the power of networks to initiate and sustain change, and facilitate conversations regarding how districts in Idaho can work toward similar goals.

Reshaping Rural School Transformation: Lessons from Federal School Improvement Grants Across the Nation
Thursday, April 16, 8:30—9:45 a.m.
Presenter: Caitlin Scott
Audience: Building Leadership, District Leadership, Program Specific Staff
In 2010-11, new federal regulations brought strict requirements for school improvement grants (SIGs), and education leaders questioned whether these requirements were appropriate or even possible in rural settings. This presentation draws on a spring 2014 national survey of rural SIG school principals using the transformation model in cohort 1 (2010-11 through 2012-13). The presentation reveals information about (1) the implementation of the elements of the transformation model, such as staff evaluation, professional development, expanded learning time, and family involvement, (2) the challenges to implementation, and (3) the technical assistance provided. Participants will actively examine this data to draw out lessons for Idaho rural schools working toward school involvement. While the survey results apply directly to rural schools with new SIG funding, the results can inform the efforts of any rural school working to improve aspects of the school related to ensuring high quality staff, improving instruction, and engaging