Social Emotional Learning Part 2: A Closer Look at Emotional Competence, Perseverance, and Future Orientation

This webinar is a follow up to the March 18 session on social emotional learning and building youth belonging.

This one-hour webinar is an introduction for nonprofits that are curious about learning more about additional social emotional learning constructs including emotional competence, perseverance, grit, self-control and future orientation.

Our presenter, Education Northwest's Shannon Davidson, is working on multiple research projects on the development of nonacademic skills and social-emotional learning and will share an overview of her research.

Join us to learn more about these social emotional learning concepts.

About Us

Playing a vital role in supporting youth programs, the Institute for Youth Success (IYS)―originally Oregon Mentors―was started in 2001 by leaders within the business community and merged with Education Northwest in 2015. With a mission to empower youth organizations to improve outcomes and reduce social costs, IYS supports more than 190 youth programs, including camps, sports, STEM, leadership, after school, independent living, and mentoring programs. In addition to providing professional development to volunteers and staff of youth programs, IYS provides relevant, evidence-based information on topics ranging from recruitment to program management and offers services that create efficiencies and make youth-development programs stronger.