Youth Program Quality Intervention

Providing a safe place for children to go after school isn’t enough.

If we want to support our schools and communities to build the skills that youth need to thrive, the quality of your youth program matters. Join us for this webinar to learn more about an evidence-based framework in application in over 105 networks across the United States, Mexico, and Canada that research shows leads to stronger practices and outcomes in youth programs.

The system was developed by the David P. Weikert Center for Program Quality and is based on over 50 years of research in youth development. Join us to learn why many youth development funders are excited about this framework and how your organization can get started.

About Us

Playing a vital role in supporting youth programs, the Institute for Youth Success (IYS)―originally Oregon Mentors―was started in 2001 by leaders within the business community and merged with Education Northwest in 2015. With a mission to empower youth organizations to improve outcomes and reduce social costs, IYS supports more than 190 youth programs, including camps, sports, STEM, leadership, after school, independent living, and mentoring programs. In addition to providing professional development to volunteers and staff of youth programs, IYS provides relevant, evidence-based information on topics ranging from recruitment to program management and offers services that create efficiencies and make youth-development programs stronger.