Helping Schools Navigate Uncharted Waters

March 2020
student using an ipad at home

Since 1966, Education Northwest has partnered with stakeholders across the region to improve learning. We have also engaged in continuous innovation to address changing educational challenges.

We remain committed to these goals—even more so as our educational system adapts to the impact of COVID-19, such as school closures, testing year gaps, and transitioning to distance learning.

Offering Expertise Tailored to New Educational Realities

As schools, districts, and other educational entities identify their needs during this unprecedented time, Education Northwest is here to provide customized services and resources.

Our diverse team of education experts can support you in various ways. For example, we can:

  • Conduct targeted analyses to understand how your students are affected by the COVID-19 crisis and how to best support them when schools reopen
  • Help states redesign accountability systems and address other challenges related to a testing year gap
  • Provide expert consultation on the adoption of evidence-based interventions, services, and tools for supporting students and families during the pandemic
  • Design and deliver online learning experiences for educators and students
  • Develop resources in the areas of language and literacy, writing, college and career success, social and emotional learning, and trauma-informed practice
  • Provide summaries of research on distance learning through Regional Educational Laboratory Northwest’s Ask A REL service

Providing Actionable Strategies and Leadership

Education Northwest can also serve as a thought partner as you navigate the immediate impact of this public health crisis, as well as what it may mean for schools in the longer term.

Along those lines, we can draw on our extensive experience of working with education stakeholders to help you design supports and resources for your staff, your students, and their families.

And as schools look for ways to serve the most vulnerable student groups—such as English learner students, students who receive free or reduced-price meals, and students eligible for special education services—Education Northwest can help develop strategies to meet their needs.

Staying Committed to Students

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we all continue to navigate uncharted waters. It is difficult to grapple with so many unknowns, but one thing is certain: All students still deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential, and schools are still dedicated to helping them do just that.

And just as schools are staying true to their mission during this tough time, Education Northwest remains committed to working with our partners and finding solutions to educational challenges.

We are all in this together, and we are here to help whenever you are ready.