Student Voice: Listening to What Matters Most

December 2014

Our schools exist because of our students. As educators we have the awesome responsibility and unique opportunity to reach, teach and prepare our students for tomorrow. To make sure we are doing the best we can, we need to hear directly from our students. Their voices must be heard. Empowered student voice is critical to the successful implementation of educational reform and school improvement. Engaging our youth in open and courageous conversations about school benefits our educational leadership and stewardship by illuminating and clarifying our purpose and mission. Student voice helps us to revisit and reconnect with what is most important.

In this session, high school students from Oregon's Springfield School District shared their stories. They spoke about themselves and described their successes and challenges. These students let us know what we do that keeps them engaged and connected with school. They also shared the barriers to success that we may have unintentionally created.

This 13-minute video recording was made during the 2010 Oregon Leadership Network Spring Leadership Institute in Eugene, Oregon.