Become a Partner

students and mentor sitting in a circle

If you work at a new or existing youth program, become one of our partners! It’s free to register, and registration will sign you up for our monthly email newsletter. Please complete our application {BROKEN LINK] and a staff person will connect with you. If certain fields do not apply to your organization, leave them blank.

I have enhanced my skills and acquired new tools to use when tutoring and interacting with youth.
— Training Participant

What does being a partner program with the Institute for Youth Success mean for your organization? We share:

  • Our latest trainings, from mentoring to youth development to sexual abuse prevention
  • Webinars from national partners
  • Policy changes that affect youth programs
  • Opportunities to connect to your colleagues, at conferences, network events, or collective impact projects
  • Job opportunities in youth programs
  • New research in youth development
  • Funding opportunities for youth programs