OLN Leadership Institute Attendees Get First Look at Redesigned LEAD Tool


December 21, 2015


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At last week’s Oregon Leadership Network (OLN) Fall Leadership Institute, more than 400 leaders and educators from OLN member districts and organizations gathered to focus on leading for equity. Cohosted by North Clackamas Schools, the institute featured presentations by the National Equity Project—a group that has partnered with the OLN to provide professional development opportunities to help education leaders deliver on the promise of a quality education for every student.

Attendees also got the first look at the redesigned Leadership for Equity Assessment and Development (LEAD) Tool, an online tool designed to help school leadership teams move toward implementing policies and practices that expand equitable opportunities and eliminate educational disparities. Created by the OLN, Education Northwest, and a wide range of partners, the LEAD Tool is a free professional growth tool that features 10 high-leverage, research based practices for equity. The online tool guides teams through self-assessment activities on topics such as fostering an equitable school culture and constructing and enacting an equity vision.

One of the things that makes the LEAD Tool unique is that it situates discourse about equity inside of school practices. School leadership teams using the tool will be able to examine their practices in a more thoughtful manner, ask powerful questions, and hold each other collectively accountable as changes in practice are made.

The LEAD Tool also helps teams understand the state of their current practices against a scale based on research and best practices related to equity. When school leaders look at their evidence of their current practices, they are better able to discern causality and see their work on a continuum of practice, and from there, they are better positioned to initiate improvement in equity. That’s what the LEAD Tool helps people do. —Rob Larson

The LEAD Tool supports the new National Standards for Educational Leadership and the Oregon Educational Leadership/Administrator Standards. Users can also download articles, videos, and the latest research related to the 10 equitable practices.