Refreshed Education Northwest Website Makes It Easier to Find What You Need


September 14, 2017


five high school students standing against a wall

“What does Education Northwest do?”

It’s a question we get often, but it’s not always easy to answer.

In some circles, we’re known for our research on supporting English learners. Others know us for convening groups that seek to improve college and career readiness. Often, teachers know us for our 6+1 Trait Writing program.

Add to that several more areas of work, and you can see how difficult an Education Northwest elevator speech can be.

With the aim of making it easier to introduce ourselves and explain what we do, we recently launched our refreshed website.

“We are always looking for better ways to communicate our values and beliefs,” says Education Northwest Communications Director Olga Vargas. “We also want to make it easy for different groups to learn how we can partner with them to help all students reach their full potential.”

Using colors, photographs and other visual elements, the refreshed website walks visitors through our areas of work: college and career, English learners, equity, family and community, reading and writing, rural education, school improvement and youth development.

Each page includes information about Education Northwest’s services, as well as links to free guides, briefs and blog posts. The website also now features a Pinterest-style page of resources for supporting English learners.

“We are really excited about this and will continue to expand it,” Vargas says.