NEP’s Equity-Centered Professional Development: There’s Another Way

four adult women seen in profile

Working toward equity can be joyous, fulfilling, satisfying, productive, effective, and connected to what matters to you.

Even with the highest-quality professional development, there is no guarantee that educators will leave with the necessary skills to address equity issues and challenges or make progress towards more equitable outcomes. The National Equity Project’s Equity-Centered Professional Development (ECPD) offerings are rooted in the fundamental belief that we must become more intentional about what it takes to address and make progress on equity work and outcomes.

At the National Equity Project, our ECPD seminars and institutes contextualize the work of educators in the larger socio-political context of inequality. We know that schools reflect the history and current reality of inequality. As educators, we have inherited a factory model of education built in an industrial era with the express purpose of sorting and selecting young people along the lines of race, class, gender, and other markers of difference.

ECPD seminars and institutes provide a range of experiences which provide language and lenses for examining inequity along with tools for interrupting reproductive practices within the context of caring, supportive facilitation and coaching relationships.

Participants will be able to access information, resources, and tools, and also contribute their own knowledge and experience. ECPD creates a common platform for shared material, dialogue, problem posing, and problem solving that is very accessible to navigate through. Most of all, it's about working together effectively with grace, confidence, and skill to empower our communities and improve the lives of children in schools furthest from opportunity.

To learn more, visit the National Equity Project website.