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Speaker at the Spring 2013 OLN Institute

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Now, more than ever, it's critical for school districts and educational organizations to make the most of their limited resources and use them to best effect. The OLN helps districts do that by providing:

  • Access for district/organization teams to two, full-day leadership institutes each year
  • One-on-one technical assistance to create and enhance district equity plans
  • Unmatched opportunities for networking with state and national experts and peers
  • Easy access to the latest research, data, and resources on equity issues
  • The opportunity to use the Leadership for Equity Assessment & Development (LEAD) Tool™, a research-based rubric to guide practice

To become a member of the Oregon Leadership Network, contact Mike Siebersma.

What Others Are Saying

I think the most important thing I can do as a leader to advance equity is have the courage to take that first step. We know that if we have the courage to take that first step, others will follow.
Mike Scott, superintendent of Hillsboro School District

Besides the networking opportunity provided within OLN, this has been a tremendous opportunity for us to go deeper into equity. [The leadership institute] has been one of the best professional development activities I have ever had. I think part of what this has brought to our district is the overall focus on equity and how do you create that level playing field for our students.
Sue Robertson, human resources officer in the Beaverton School District