Accelerated Learning and Career and Technical Education in Oregon

September 2023
illustration of students in front of a school

Across Oregon, high school students are preparing for college and career in many ways. Two popular opportunities are career and technical education (CTE) programs and accelerated learning courses that offer college credit, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual credit, and direct enrollment. CTE and accelerated learning courses are associated with positive outcomes for students, including high school graduation, college enrollment, and college persistence (Arneson et al., 2020; Hodara & Pierson, 2018).

To better understand student participation in these opportunities, the Oregon Department of Education and Education Northwest partnered to create two data dashboards. Through these tools and related trainings, Oregon educators can explore data and identify differences in participation by student characteristics. Using this information, educators can begin identifying how to increase access to and participation in CTE and accelerated learning, particularly among students who are underrepresented in these courses. Ultimately, this will help set students on a path to achieve their college and career goals.

Accelerated Learning Dashboard

The Oregon accelerated learning dashboard provides participation rates of high school students in accelerated learning courses. It also compares outcomes such as high school graduation, college enrollment, developmental education participation, and college persistence between students who participated in accelerated learning and those who did not.

Potential users of this dashboard include school district staff members, high school principals, high school counselors, community college staff members involved in dual credit, and educators who support or teach Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual credit, and direct enrollment courses.

Career and Technical Education Dashboard

The Oregon CTE participation dashboard explores high school students’ participation in CTE programs of study across the state. CTE program providers and educators can use these data for completing comprehensive local needs assessments (CLNAs) or engaging in program improvement.

Dashboard Training Resources & Materials

Education Northwest hosted trainings on how to use the dashboards and strategies to support equitable access in accelerated learning and CTE coursework. The training slide decks, recordings, and materials below offer additional guidance on using the dashboards.

Training 1: Orientation to the Updated Oregon Accelerated Learning and CTE Dashboards

Training 2: Strategies to Support Access to Accelerated Learning and CTE Coursework