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The Complexities of Integrating Data-Driven Decision Making into Professional Preparation in Schools of Education: It’s Harder Than You Think


May 2011


Data-driven decision making has become a national education priority. But do educators have the capacity to understand the data and use them appropriately to make instructional improvements? What can schools and colleges of education do to better prepare future teachers and administrators to use data effectively? These questions were the focus of a national conference conducted in February 2011 by Education Northwest’s Edith Gummer and WestEd’s Ellen Mandinach and convened by CNA. The noted researchers were awarded a grant by the Spencer Foundation to bring together national experts in the field to explore the promising but complex issue of preservice training in data-driven decision making.

This paper was written by Mandinach and Gummer based on the discussions at the conference. Robert Muller, CNA Education, was project director.