Indian Reading Series

May 1972
Indian Reading Series

Stories and Legends of the Northwest

The Indian Reading Series is a collection of 140 stories and legends written and illustrated by Native authors and artists from twelve Northwest reservations. Education Northwest (formerly the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory) received funding from the National Institute of Education for the project. The materials were developed between 1972 and 1983, authenticated by participating Tribes, and field tested with over 1200 Indian and non-Indian children in 93 classrooms throughout the region.

The series includes a teachers’ manual and lesson plans developed with the input of more than 80 teachers. All materials in the series are free to download and use for educational purposes.

Note: Indian Reading Series PDFs are copies of the original print publications; those print publications are no longer available, despite text in the booklets that indicate contact information for such. The website with the Indian Reading Series files is the only source for the booklets and their related materials.