Overcoming the Challenges of School Improvement Through a Research-Based, Collaborative Approach


September 2014


High school students our side of a school

Success Now! White Paper

Whether driven by inherent challenges affecting student performance or simply an aspiration to excel, schools want to do better. The challenge is finding a way to get there. Schools often pursue a patchwork of programs that don’t work and starting over from scratch when the desired results are not achieved or the funding runs out. Considering the investment in time and resources needed to increase student success and establish a culture of continuous improvement, it’s important to seek evidence-based, systemic solutions that are also sustainable.

This white paper provides the rationale behind a framework called Success Now! This approach focuses schools on achieving tangible and successive “quick wins” in teaching and learning while building lasting system capacity for sustained and equitable student outcomes. The approach is rooted in research on effective schools, school turnaround, and school and systems change, and in Education Northwest’s decades of experience working side by side with schools and districts on improvement.