Promising Practices to Support Young Immigrants’ Education and Career Pathways

December 2023
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A Guide for Youth-Serving Organizations

This guide outlines asset-based, culturally and linguistically responsive practices for engaging young immigrants and connecting them to education and career resources. It is intended to support adults who work at organizations that provide academic and career resources to young immigrants in the U.S. The guide also provides structured steps to help organizations implement the promising practices.

Young immigrants in the U.S. have diverse experiences and rich cultural, linguistic, and community assets. Research shows that young immigrants leverage their cultural wealth to develop and work toward their academic and career goals.

To help adults better serve this diverse group, Education Northwest partnered with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to identify the academic and career resources available to young immigrants. We gathered evidence from existing research as well as from the people directly engaged in this work: service providers at immigrant-serving organizations and, importantly, young immigrants themselves. Insights gathered from our conversations led to this practical, evidence-based guide.

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