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Improving STEM Best Practices for Mentoring Programs

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math = STEM

The Institute for Youth Success (IYS) at Education Northwest works with STEM programs to put the "R" in STEM... relationships! We know that adults need to do more than give lectures in order to nurture a student's passion in STEM. Our training for STEM professionals helps adults view mentoring in a new way.

What Participants Will Learn

Concepts we cover include:

  • Building a youth’s academic identity using positive, purposeful interactions
  • Implementing an AGILE style program management into STEM programming
  • Learning to build meaningful, supportive relationships and the science behind why this matters
  • Gaining tips for supportive communication
  • Applying strategies to nurture a growth mindset related to STEM learning

In addition to our STEM workshop, we offer technical assistance to STEM programs interested in mentoring best practices. Please contact Celeste Janssen to learn more.