IYS Trainings for Youth Serving Programs

Building Stronger Youth Programs Through Training and Technical Assistance

The Institute for Youth Success (IYS) at Education Northwest trains staff members and volunteers at nonprofits, churches, and schools that want to become evidence-based and outcome-driven in their youth programming.

We can schedule your staff and/or volunteers for an on-site training. You can also browse and register for the frequent trainings in throughout our region on our training calendar. Also, check out this free, monthly webinar series on mentoring.

To see a full listing of the services we offer as a training provider, see our IYS training catalog. Contact Celeste Janssen of IYS to learn more.

I've never had that quality in a training experience — ever!
— A Training Participant

What Participants Will Learn

Our training participants take away the knowledge and skills to improve their practice in working with youth.

What We Offer

We have customized our training offerings for our specific audiences.

Volunteers. We provide workshops for youth program volunteers on topics including building youth academic identity through developmental relationships, helping youth find their "spark," and training people who mentor young black men.

Staff of Youth Programs or Schools. In our largest collection of workshops, we provide staff training in areas including youth development and growth mindset, community building and cooperative learning, dealing with conflict and difficult situations, coaching, training adult learners, protecting youth from predators, and more.

Staff at Mentoring Programs. With a more specific focus, these trainings equip mentoring program staff members in areas such as program effectiveness and best practices, programming (recruitment and retention, matching youth and volunteers, healthy closure), and program management (building a diverse funding base, evaluation).

Youth Work Method Series. We also offer 10 workshops that empower direct-service staff with tools to increase the quality of their work. These trainings, called the Youth Work Methods, were designed by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality and are based on 50 years of research of what works with serving diverse youth populations.

See short descriptions for each training and workshop we offer in the IYS training catalog. We also provide trainings in the SAFE approach to screening youth program volunteers and building youth's STEM identity.