SAFE Training: Screening Youth Program Volunteers

With more than 80 million children having some kind of contact with nearly 35 million adults through volunteer and youth-serving programs each year — and with the increase in the number of articles and reports about trusted adults who are revealed to be predators — we offer an in-depth research-based training to help organizations effectively screen their volunteers to prevent child molestation.

What Clients Will Learn

The Screening Applicants for Effectiveness (SAFE) training curriculum was developed by the Friends for Youth mentoring program in California. The SAFE workshop provides staff with tools to immediately improve volunteer screening. Participants learn:

  • The purpose and relevance of screening volunteers
  • Information on perpetrators, victims, and dynamics of abuse
  • A holistic approach of informed intuition and red flags and recommended tools and processes


Due to support from the Ford Family Foundation, IYS offers this training throughout Oregon at nine locations annually. In addition, programs can hire us to provide the training to staff and board. The training typically lasts six hours. For more information, contact Celeste Janssen.