Eric Gold

(he, him, his)


Eric enjoys making ideas more accessible through effective communication. He has worked at and written for several publications and other organizations, including nonprofits, institutions of higher education, businesses, and grassroots ballot measure campaigns.

Missions and strategies vary, but one constant is the importance of empathy for the audience. Eric believes communication is most successful when the needs of the communicator and audience are aligned. As a writer and editor among many subject matter experts, he sees his role as that of a reader advocate, helping to keep organizational communications understandable, relevant, and useful.


  • M.F.A., Creative Writing (Nonfiction), Portland State University
  • B.A., Architecture, Princeton University

A book I've read more than once is...

A Wizard of Earthsea

On repeat on my playlist is...

Can You Get to That

My pets are...

Yet to be acquired