About Success Now!

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Success Now! engages school-based educators in a series of 10–12 week, data-driven improvement cycles focused on what matters most—student achievement. Each cycle is designed by teachers and administrators with the support of expert coaches from Education Northwest. School teams take on one core challenge per cycle, and build skills and momentum toward solving many more. Rather than trying to fix everything that needs improvement all at once, Success Now! schools break down persistent challenges into manageable chunks that are addressed individually and iteratively, leading to dramatic and lasting change.

What makes this work powerful:

Rigorous core-subject instruction: We help you align your classroom teaching to new, rigorous state standards. Our coaches deliver expert teacher professional development in reading, writing, and mathematics to put your instruction on the path to increasing student success.

Collaborative culture and shared leadership: We work with your leadership team to change not just core-subject instruction, but how all school staff collaborate and contribute to meaningful change. While improving student success is the main goal, Success Now! promotes teacher collaboration and shared leadership to create lasting improvements in your school's systems and culture.

Follow up: Our school improvement coaches provide frequent on-site support. Because we know it doesn’t work to just show up one time. We build a relationship with you and help you get the ball rolling until your team is ready to fly solo.

Guidance on data systems and use: Your team will learn to monitor students' progress before, during, and after improvements are made to classroom instruction. We'll help you identify ways to assess progress and set up data systems so that you can measure and communicate the value of Success Now! right away.

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