Success Now! - Pricing

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What You Receive Each Year

In Year 1, we provide:

  • Up to nine days of onsite support spread out over the school year, including four days of professional development and five one-day visits during which our coaches work alongside leadership teams to examine data, monitor progress, and provide professional development and other supports to staff
  • Weekly or bi-weekly calls with leadership team subgroup
  • As-needed webinars

In Year 2, you receive the same level of support as provided in Year 1, customized so that your leadership team can go deeper with continuous improvement and create the conditions for sustaining progress.

Learn more about how we will work with you over your two years with Success Now!

Costs Per Year

One school: $65,000/year

Two schools in same district (or nearby): $90,000/year

Three schools in same district: $115,000/year

Baseline costs do not include travel expenses. See additional add-on options below.

For guidance on how to pay for these services, check out our
Professional Development Funding Guide.

Additional Services Offered

At an added cost, Education Northwest can provide these additional supports:

  • More in-depth professional development in core content areas
  • In-depth professional development on systemwide conditions, e.g., to support culturally responsive teaching, collective mindsets for school change, and other topics that effect change at the system level
  • Summer retreat: a multi-day professional development experience customized to your needs
  • Formal evaluation of your efforts
  • Development of an indicator system/customized data reports
  • Additional leadership coaching/consulting

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