Jacob Williams

Jacob’s philosophy is to engage in research and technical support that are useful for educational practitioners. As a former special education teacher in rural Kentucky, Jacob felt that published research was unnecessarily complicated for teachers and administrators. Through his work, he strives to provide resources and support that are clear in purpose and can be easily implemented.

Prior to coming to Education Northwest, Jacob served as a manager/director for research/technical assistance projects at the University of Texas at Austin, Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk.

Jacob earned his Master’s in Education at Murray State University-Kentucky and his Ph.D. in special education administration at the University of Texas at Austin.

When not wearing his Education Northwest hat, Jacob does all he can to enjoy the wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.” —Elbert Hubbard

Blog Posts

Using Accountability Testing as a Flashlight in Post-pandemic Education


June 17th, 2020

Today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to develop and implement innovative solutions that address long-standing educational challenges. One example is accountability testing.

Teaching Math to Struggling Learners


September 6th, 2019

Math success for students with learning disabilities and struggling learners starts with solid teaching practices combined with necessary, specially designed teaching adjustments.

What to Look For to Help Youth Stay Out of the Juvenile Justice System


January 21st, 2016

Jacob Williams looks at the role educators can play in supporting youth to help keep them out of trouble and discusses several risk domains associated with young people based on a new, comprehensive literature review.