Resources for English Learner Teachers

Whether you are new to teaching English learners or have years of experience, we have something for you. This page collects the best of the wisdom and classroom-ready resources that we have to offer from our deep experience working with schools and districts in the Northwest and beyond. Follow us on social media, and feel free to post our resources on Pinterest!

Writing workshops for teachers

Our 6+1 Trait Writing team can help your school improve writing for all of your diverse learners.

Immigrant newcomers

What can educators can to to assist students who are new to this country?

Six things

What are six things schools can do to support their English learners?

Research schools can use

Teaching practices based on research can make a difference for your students learning English.

Teacher collaboration

How do you increase collaboration across a building to better serve English learner students?

Advanced courses

What do enrollment rates in advanced courses tell us about disparities among English learner groups?

Improving instruction

How can you expand opportunities for English learners to practice language skills throughout the day?

Time to reclassification?

Research on predicting how long it takes for English learner students to reclassify

Bilingual benefits

What are the strengths of students learning more than one language?

Parent guide for English learners

Share this resource with the families of students in your community. English and Spanish versions available.

Multicultural classrooms

A teacher's perspective on creating equity by learning about students’ cultures

Effective scaffolds

Are your scaffolds for supporting students helping or getting in the way?