Manuel Vazquez Cano

(he, him, his)

Managing Researcher, Multilingual Learners

Manuel’s background as an immigrant influenced his experience with the U.S. education system and, ultimately, his work. He migrated to the United States from Mexico and learned English at schools that—like many schools serving predominantly immigrant and Latinx communities—were under resourced. Manuel’s research is motivated by the urgent need for improved practices and educational opportunities for a community he belongs to. He aims to help educators and policymakers make decisions that improve outcomes for multilingual and immigrant students while honoring their linguistic and cultural assets.

Manuel has worked in education most of his professional life. As an undergraduate, he was a peer advisor to first generation high school students to help them navigate the college application process. Shortly after graduating, he worked as a substitute teacher and for three years led a supplemental after-school program that aimed to support struggling students. Manuel explored international development for a brief period, going as far as working in Myanmar, but decided that he had more to contribute to education policy and research. Education research has been his home for the last seven years.


  • Ph.D., Quantitative Research Methods in Education (in progress), University of Oregon
  • M.A., International Affairs – Economic Development, Columbia University
  • B.A., Sociology and Global Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

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Manuel Vazquez Cano

Areas of Expertise

  • Multilingual students
  • Quasi-experimental design

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Case Briefs & Publications

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