Beyond Math and Reading: New Booklet Highlights Social and Emotional Skills

April 2017
Person standing on a cliff looking into the distance

What is social and emotional learning (SEL)? What about nonacademic skills; workplace-essential skills; 21st-century skills; and mindsets, essential skills and habits (MESH)?

The answers can be found in a new free booklet, “Understanding and Cultivating Social Emotional Learning,” from the Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest.

According to Celeste Janssen, director of the Institute for Youth Success, SEL skills are essential for students.

“Parents know it is not enough to be good at math and reading,” she says. “For students to thrive in the workplace and in life, they need to develop skills in how they communicate, solve problems, manage stress and emotions, plan and achieve goals and so much more.”

The booklet covers many SEL skills, including belonging, positive identity development and growth mindset. Each entry provides a brief definition of the skill, a reason it is important and strategies for how it can be cultivated.

“At the Institute for Youth Success, we encourage educators to think about SEL not as a curriculum but as a method,” Janssen says. “Social and emotional skills are built through developmental relationships in environments that provide rich learning experiences.”

To learn more about SEL and the Institute for Youth Success, contact Lena Fox.

Download "Understanding and Cultivating Social Emotional Learning."