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Fostering a Safe and Bias-Free Learning Environment: A Guide for Educators


June 2016


Guide cover

This revised edition of Preventing and Countering School-Based Harassment, updated as Fostering a Safe and Bias-Free Learning Environment: A Guide for Educators, is based on the latest research and our work with schools and communities. Although bullying, racial and sexual harassment, and racial and gender discrimination are often addressed separately, the reality is that when one form of bullying, harassment, or discrimination occurs, the opportunity exists for all types to occur. Focusing only on one type of bias can allow other forms to go unchallenged.

This guide addresses the more comprehensive issue of bullying, harassment, and discrimination in the school by capturing similarities in the causes, types, and responses to different forms of bias while also addressing the legal aspects of dealing with this problem. This resource is designed to help school staff foster safe and bias-free learning environments.

These companion guides offer information and suggested action steps for students, parents, and community members: