What Now? Practitioners and Researchers Discuss New Federal Data on College Students' Basic Needs

October 2023
college students hanging out in front of a building

In 2020 the National Center for Education Statistics asked students, for the very first time, if they had enough to eat and a safe place to sleep. The just-released data show that students across the nation are enduring food and housing insecurity. What can we learn from this new information about how to help students, and what should we do now? Watch this webinar where researchers and leaders from diverse institutions of higher education discuss this pressing challenge.

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  • Tammeil Gilkerson
    Tammeil Gilkerson

    President/CEO of Evergreen Valley College

  • John King
    John King

    Chancellor of the State University of New York and the 10th U.S. Secretary of Education

  • Tracy Hunt-White
    Tracy Hunt-White

    Statistician, National Center for Education Statistics

  • Keith Curry
    Keith Curry

    President/CEO of Compton College

  • Frances Villagran-Glover
    Frances Villagran-Glover

    President of Southeast College