Pablo Lopez Trujillo

Areas of Expertise

  • Quantitative methods
  • Data analytics

Pablo Lopez Trujillo

(he, him, his)


As a Latinx immigrant who did not speak English when I moved to the US, I benefited from a strong, equitable environment that helped me catch up to my peers educationally and learn English at the same time. Many people in disadvantageous conditions have far worse access to social support systems than I did, so I always seek to contribute to creating more equitable systems for people who were less fortunate than I was. I’m particularly passionate about achieving equitable education in English language learner and queer populations.

Before coming to Education Northwest, I was a graduate student in psychology at the University of Chicago where my research focused on auditory communication and first impression interactions. Before that, I worked for AmeriCorps NCCC, where I partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help build affordable housing and repair natural disaster damage in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. My experiences in AmeriCorps made me value working with organizations that practically and positively impact others, and I am excited to bring my quantitative methods and data analytic skills to an education equity context.


  • B.A., Linguistics, University of Chicago
  • B.A., Neuroscience, University of Chicago
  • M.A., Cognitive Psychology, University of Chicago

I could talk for hours about...

Shakira's discography.

Is a hotdog a sandwich? Why?

No, because the bun is one continuous piece of bread.

My favorite vacation spot is...

The Hoh Rainforest in Washington State.