Jason Greenberg Motamedi

Jason leads REL Northwest's work with the Road Map for Education Results project, specifically partnering with the English language learner work group. Road Map seeks to increase the number of students who graduate or earn a career credential in seven diverse, high-poverty districts in the South Seattle area. Jason also manages a variety of research and evaluation projects, designing evaluation strategies and instruments and collecting data through focus groups, interviews, and classroom observations. He holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from Temple University.

My work at Education Northwest combines my passion for equity with my desire for learning, enjoyment of problem solving, and love of teamwork. My projects working to improve English language learner outcomes or evaluating school or district programs push me a little past my knowledge and comfort level, so I am always learning and working with others.

Senior Advisor, Evaluation


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Blog Posts

A Strategy for Predicting How Long It Takes for ELL Students to Reclassify


March 18th, 2016

Researchers Jason Greenberg Motamedi and Malkeet Singh write about how they used a methodology developed by medical researchers to create a useful tool for determining how long it will take students to pass a language proficiency test and exit English learner services.

Building Bilingual Pride Through Credits for Proficiency


October 22nd, 2014

English learners entering high school have to learn both English and grade-level content to begin accumulating credits to graduate. Unfortunately, in many cases, English language development courses do not provide the necessary credits. So how are students supposed to graduate if their required...