Rural Education

Rural educators do the same important and courageous work as their urban counterparts but often in isolation, without access to professional development and collaborative learning opportunities. Education Northwest understands the unique challenges of rural schools and how to leverage their strengths.



Two-thirds of the Northwest region’s school districts are rural. Education Northwest has deep experience in customizing our services to meet the needs of rural districts and communities. We will work with you to develop resources and provide services that meet your needs. From college and career readiness to school improvement strategies, we can support your efforts to provide a quality education that prepares students for a bright future.


Our evaluators have deep experience within rural context and its uniqueness. Therefore, we partner closely with rural educators and leaders to provide relevant data collection, analysis, and reporting that makes a difference for rural students, schools, and districts. Our evaluation services include logic modeling; needs assessments; examinations of program participants’ perceptions, implementation evaluation, experiences and satisfaction; and rigorous outcome evaluations.

Network Design

We understand how valuable time is when you come together for professional development, networking, or planning. Education Northwest is experienced in supporting the development of rural education collaboratives and networks, as well as convening education stakeholders across systems to support student achievement. Regardless of location, our experienced facilitators will help you get the most out of your time together.


English Learners

We partner with school districts to design intentional programs, culturally relevant curricula and innovative instructional practices that help English learner students develop the academic language skills (ideally, in both English and their native language) they need to succeed in school. We also work with various stakeholders to develop and improve programs for English learner students.

Rural Education Events

Portrait of Celeste Janssen

Celeste Janssen

Celeste partners with youth-serving agencies to provide support through a lens of continuous improvement and innovation. Celeste understands that in order to help more children and youth have access to safe and effective programs, organizations need highly trained staff capable of navigating through difficult situations. She will also help your organization improve program quality and clearly articulate your impact through proven measurement and evaluation tools.