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Scoring With 6+1 Trait® Writing


July 2015


closeup of a student writing

You can have the professional staff at Education Northwest assess your students' writing using 6+1 Trait® Writing. Education Northwest's writing assessors will provide writing assessment scores you can depend on for providing valuable direct student assistance. These assessments yield the essential information needed to understand your students' current writing abilities, including scores across all 7 traits as well as detailed comments. An assessment can be conducted for any number of students in home schooled and traditional classrooms, at any grade level (including high school research papers), and as often as needed. We also respond to client-specific needs, such as identifying and scoring benchmark papers or using other rubrics and scale values and embedding scoring or benchmarking into a workshop.

Also available are additional services that offer interpretive information about the significance of the data to guide writing assessment curriculum. Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a free cost estimate.

For more information, please contact Mark Workman.