Scoring With 6+1 Trait Writing


January 2021


closeup of a student writing

Whether you’re just starting with the 6+1 Trait® model or want a refresher on scoring, our assessment experts are here to help. We can score writing samples from your own students to provide objective feedback and/or create a customized set of benchmark papers that will guide your application of the model. Our ratings and annotations provide a starting point for discussions with students on how to strengthen their use of the traits. Teachers can also analyze our example scoring with colleagues to inform instructional decisions.

Our scoring service can be conducted entirely virtually. The service includes a 20-minute consultation to plan the project and a 20-minute debriefing session to review the results. We can also provide additional services, including interpreting the significance of your data to guide your use of writing assessment data.

For more information and to receive a free cost estimate, contact Mark Workman.