College & Career

Every student deserves the opportunity to realize their personal and professional goals. Our team collaborates with educators, policymakers, employers, and community members to ensure that their programs, policies, and practices promote equitable access to college and career opportunities. We provide outstanding research, evaluation, strategic planning, facilitation, and technical assistance to improve complex educational systems and build clear pathways to meaningful, sustaining work.

Career and Technical Ed

Students need clear pathways to navigate in-demand work opportunities, transition to postsecondary education, and meet their career goals. We help states and districts develop career-connected learning and career and technical education (CTE) programs of study that align with labor market demand. Our team has extensive experience in collecting and presenting CTE data and providing analytic support for Perkins reporting.

College Access

Improving college access for students from rural and underserved communities starts with data. We specialize in collaborating with college access and reengagement programs on mixed-methods evaluations. Our sophisticated data analyses help education leaders understand and address disparities in college access. We also lead training, research, and evaluation to improve equity in college credit opportunities in high school.

College Completion

We partner with higher education institutions and funders to evaluate programs that support college completion, particularly for historically underrepresented students. We provide expert professional development and training to redesign developmental education, improve postsecondary instruction, and support success for community college students. Our research on community college to university transfer has informed policy and practice across the country.


Michelle Hodara

Photograph of Michelle Hodara

Michelle has led research and evaluation projects on college access and success for more than a decade. She is trained in quantitative methods for program evaluation and uses mixed methods to understand what helps or hinders students on their postsecondary education path. Michelle holds a doctorate in economics and education from Columbia University, Teachers College.
Michelle Hodara

Steve Klein

Photograph of Steve Klein

Steve is a nationally recognized expert in career and technical education with over three decades of experience at the federal and state levels. He specializes in the design of performance information systems and the use of data to improve CTE policy and programming. Steve holds an M.S. Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania and doctorate in K–12 Educational Policy from the University of California at Berkeley.
Steve Klein