Evergreen Equity Audit

Evergreen Public Schools, Washington
June 2022
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Seeking Evidence to Move Toward Equity

When schools prioritize educational equity, they commit to fairness and opportunity for all—and their progress towards equity goals can be measured. In this project, Evergreen Public Schools partnered with us to conduct an equity audit. Our goals were to collect actionable information and explore equity in the recruitment, hiring, and retention of staff members of color; educator quality; student access to learning opportunities; and student achievement.

How We Helped Evergreen Public Schools

  • Collaborated with the district to identify key learning questions and methods
  • Collected primary data through surveys and interviews
  • Analyzed administrative data on staff and students
  • Explored how race and ethnicity intersect with other characteristics—including family income, special education status, and classification as English learners—to impact student experiences and access to learning opportunities
  • Drafted a report and presented findings and recommendations to the school board

A Shared Starting Point for Change

Internally, the audit helped Evergreen Public Schools advance conversations about why focusing on race matters. Using data collected from students and staff, the audit grounded conversations in concrete, local, and immediate issues and provided evidence of the need for change. The district used the audit findings to draft an equity policy and inform a new strategic plan, which is being created with an equity lens. The collected data also provided a baseline to support the district in monitoring progress toward equity goals.

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Project Team