Reading & Writing

High-quality literacy instruction helps children access information that interests them, communicate with the wider world, become informed citizens, and reach their full potential. Education Northwest helps schools work across grade levels and content areas as they build independent readers and writers who have strong foundational skills and who can engage in deep thinking, reasoning, and writing about complex texts. We help educators choose and apply strategies, interventions, and assessments more effectively through our customized professional development and evaluation services.

Program Design

Educators must consider many variables as they design evidence-based literacy programs. We offer guidance and expertise to help literacy leaders conduct structured reading and writing observations, train staff members in effective intervention strategies and grouping, create multi-tiered systems of support, and use data to engage in self-inquiry and improvement.

Literacy Coaching

We provide coaching for district and school leaders on how to improve literacy programs in low-performing, high-poverty schools. We work alongside instructional coaches to develop strong school leaders who apply evidence-based literacy and coaching expertise to strengthen their own school programs. Our evidence-based Success Now approach guides leaders in making strong, sustainable literacy decisions.

Program Evaluation

Education Northwest provides data and analysis to help our clients assess their literacy efforts. We also work closely with local, state, and federal leaders to create customized evaluations in areas ranging from early literacy to adolescent reading. In addition, we have deep experience with literacy research and have served literacy policy consultants to both lawmakers and school leaders.


Contact - Celeste Janssen

Photograph of Celeste Janssen

Celeste oversees Education Northwest’s work on youth development and out-of-school time. She focuses on social and emotional learning, equity, trauma-informed care, continuous improvement, and facilitation. Celeste studied education at the University of California, Berkeley and has extensive nonprofit experience as a program director, consultant, and leader of the Institute for Youth Success. She is a Robert Wood Johnson Ladder to Leadership fellow and a Positive Discipline parent educator.
Celeste Janssen; Director
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