School Improvement

Choosing the right partner and the right approach are essential to successful school improvement. Education Northwest partners with districts to build capacity at the school level, taking time to understand the community, students, and social and cultural environments before addressing the challenges that prevent student success. Our approach to school improvement is centered on people and how they work. It allows schools to be active participants in the improvement process, and it celebrates success. Most important, we build trust. We know this is hard work, and there will be challenges along the way. Mutual trust and shared goals are what will keep communication lines open and keep the improvement effort on track.



Our consulting services are driven by our clients and their daily challenges and opportunities. We approach our consulting work with open minds and with the goal of shared ownership of the work. This makes our efforts relevant, actionable, and most importantly, successful. We have expertise in many areas of school improvement as well as content experts for a holistic look at the issues affecting student success.

Leadership Development and Capacity Building

Leadership development is an essential part of the school improvement process. To turn around a struggling school, leaders must understand how to adapt to rapidly changing situations and competing priorities. Education Northwest helps you engage teachers and others in leading improvement efforts—from selecting and designing solutions based on data to supporting their colleagues through the challenges of change.

ESSA Implementation

ESSA has created an important opportunity for states to empower districts in their school improvement efforts. As districts seek the most effective ways forward in this new environment, Education Northwest supports improvement planning at all levels—from the district to schools to individual programs and teachers. Our expert staff and proven approach help educators use data and research evidence to understand their needs and select proven solutions to their problems.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Effective teachers are motivated by achieving better outcomes for their students. We work with our partners to ensure that every student is taught by an effective teacher in a high-performing school environment. While great individual teachers are important, it takes great systems to create consistently effective instruction for all students. Our work is focused on creating great systems that help all teachers learn together and improve their practice, resulting in improved outcomes for all students.

Program Review

External evaluation is a critical part of any program. It can tell you what elements are—or are not—working and whether the program is making a difference. A successful evaluation depends on a complex interaction of people, methods, and a genuine interest in looking critically at program challenges and successes. We have worked with a broad range of program teams to maximize the power of evaluation.

Network Design, Convening & Evaluation

Education Northwest is experienced in supporting the development of high-performing, self-sustaining professional learning networks, bringing together networks for facilitated professional development and planning sessions, and engaging in evaluation activities that can tell you what elements are (or are not) working and whether the network is making a difference. Regardless of location, our experts will help you get the most out of your network.

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Success Now!

Success Now! is our solution to implementing new standards, improving schools, and strengthening education systems. Our approach promotes collaboration and shared leadership within schools while focusing on what matters most: improving success for all students.


Professional Development

Education Northwest offers mission-driven organizations professional development that yields long-term impacts. We create customized learning experiences in a full range of formats, designed to meet learner needs “anytime, anywhere.”

Our instructional design teams, including content experts, curriculum and multimedia developers, bring over 50 years of research and development expertise, along with on-the-ground teaching experience, to solving organizations’ adult learning challenges. We help ensure that your investments in training and professional development pay rewards in new skills and changed behaviors.

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School Improvement Events

Portrait of Celeste Janssen

Celeste Janssen

Celeste partners with youth-serving agencies to provide support through a lens of continuous improvement and innovation. Celeste understands that in order to help more children and youth have access to safe and effective programs, organizations need highly trained staff capable of navigating through difficult situations. She will also help your organization improve program quality and clearly articulate your impact through proven measurement and evaluation tools.