Teaching & Leadership

Effective education systems empower leaders at all levels to make evidence-based decisions that lead to better outcomes for students. Education Northwest partners with schools, districts, education agencies, philanthropic foundations, and community organizations to develop strong, equity-driven teachers and leaders. Our approach is rooted in collaboration: we strive to understand your unique context before supporting you in making strategic decisions that improve school performance, strengthen and diversify your workforce, and foster achievement among diverse student populations.

Communities of Practice

Well-run professional learning communities (PLCs) can increase individual capacity, improve institutional culture and climate, and support system-wide collaboration and innovation. Education Northwest has facilitated communities of practice across diverse educational contexts and helped partners evaluate the impact of PLC models on teacher practice and student achievement. We can help you engage participants, build a supportive community, and harness collective knowledge for systemic change.

Educator Diversity

To successfully train, recruit, and retain diverse educators, leaders must thoughtfully reconsider how their entire system operates. Our team works with clients to assess strengths and opportunities through an equity lens and develop actionable, evidence-based recommendations to build and maintain a diverse teaching staff. We bring experience at different levels of policy and practice, as well as powerful skills in research and evaluation, on this crucial topic.

Leadership Development

Education leaders must understand how to make strategic, data-driven, and student-centered decisions while responding to rapid environmental shifts and diverse stakeholder needs. The Education Northwest team equips leaders with the tools they need to analyze and respond to challenges while building buy-in from their school community. With experience working within schools, across public agencies, and in communities, our team provides invaluable insight that will have a lasting impact on your leadership practice.


Contact - Dr. Karen Pérez

Photograph of Karen Pérez

Karen brings more than 20 years of experience in K–12 education at the school, district, and state levels. Karen’s work is informed by a rich background in classroom teaching, dual-language program development, workforce diversification, migrant education, special education, and community engagement. As a Latina educational leader, Karen grounds her approach in a bicultural and bilingual perspective.
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