Youth Development

Now more than ever, afterschool and community-based programs seek to support youth and families by offering high-quality services that build skills to prepare young people for success in life.


After-School Support

The Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest is a national leader in providing assistance to mentoring and afterschool programs. We offer free technical assistance through the National Mentoring Resource Center, and we have created an initiative that helps programs assess, evaluate, and improve the quality of their services.

Nonprofit Support

Education Northwest can help organizations create stronger infrastructure, operations, and programming. Our experts provide staff development and capacity-building training, technical assistance, research, and consultation to both regional and national community-based organizations.

Program Evaluation

Education Northwest offers evaluation services to help you determine the effectiveness of your youth-serving program and continuously improve it. Our services include program-quality systems; logic modeling; needs assessments; cost-benefit analyses; examinations of program participants’ perceptions, experiences and satisfaction; and outcome evaluations.

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Institute for Youth Success

The Institute for Youth Success impacts the lives of thousands of youths by building the capacity of leadership and staff of youth serving organizations to innovate and deliver high quality services.


Professional Development

Large nonprofit organizations know that it is a challenge to get staff members and volunteers at multiple sites up to speed. Education Northwest’s adult learning team has deep experience helping employees of youth-serving organizations develop their knowledge and skills through highly rated face-to-face and online training.

Mentoring Program Sustainability Resources

Covering many aspects of sustainability, such as fundraising, marketing and branding, and partnership development, these resources can help youth mentoring programs in both school and community settings plan for a sustainable future.


Youth Development Events

Portrait of Celeste Janssen

Celeste Janssen

Celeste partners with youth-serving agencies to provide support through a lens of continuous improvement and innovation. Celeste understands that in order to help more children and youth have access to safe and effective programs, organizations need highly trained staff capable of navigating through difficult situations. She will also help your organization improve program quality and clearly articulate your impact through proven measurement and evaluation tools.