Equity Leadership Team Protocol

February 2015

The Oregon Leadership Network promotes the engagement of school and district staff to continually examine and discuss potential inequities. These conversations may address policy and procedural issues, student engagement issues, allocation or redistribution of resources, or just a new way of looking at school or districts structure, practice, or policy. One way to scaffold these important conversations is through the creation of an Equity Leadership Team.

An Equity Leadership Team is a group of committed individuals whose goal is “to ensure that each child receives what they need to reach their academic and social potential.” It should be noted that some “equity teams” are known by other names, such as a leadership team, school improvement team, or school climate team. Team members essentially collaborate around equity issues, potential equity issues, or proactive ways to engage stakeholders about future challenges arising from inequities.

Equity Leadership Teams work to:

  • Eliminate inequities and disparities in student achievement
  • Foster a safe and healthy school climate
  • Promote an inclusive culture that engages and draws on the assets of students, families, staff and community members
  • Foster leadership development
  • Encourage conversations about equity and social justice

The protocol presented in this booklet is intended as a guide for designing the structure, role, and work of the Equity Leadership Team.

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