Resources That Support Early Learning Programs and Kindergarten Transitions

September 2019
two early learning students

Provide better support to early learning programs and kindergarten transitions with these resources from Education Northwest.

Six Ways Principals Can Support the Transition to Kindergarten

Blog post: Research shows the importance of kindergarten transitions for children to succeed in school and later in life. What do principals need to know to help their youngest students thrive?

What Principals and Administrators Can Do to Ready Their Schools to Support Kindergarten Transitions

White paper and “taking action” handout: Children start school for the first time after a wide range of early learning experiences and at different levels of readiness for kindergarten. What can education leaders do to ensure smooth kindergarten transitions?

Full-Day Kindergarten Evidence Blast

With a wide variety of kindergarten schedules and program models among states, what does research find effective?

Strategies Families Can Use to Help Their Children Both Learn and Love Math

Blog post: Just as they can support early literacy by reading to their kids from a young age, families can play an important role in teaching their children math by helping children see math all around them.

Exploring State-by-state Definitions of Kindergarten Readiness to Support Informed Policymaking

Blog post: What does it mean to be kindergarten ready? It's an important question—and the answer can vary, depending on where you live. This blog post includes a link a 50-state scan of kindergarten readiness definitions and assessments.

Preparing Children to Thrive: Supporting Early Learning Systems and Stakeholders in Oregon

Blog post: Just as a house needs a solid foundation, children’s early learning experiences lay the groundwork for their future success in school and in life. This blog post looks at how Oregon has prioritized building a coordinated, connected, and outcomes-focused early learning system.

Creating Caring and Culturally Responsive Classrooms for Students in Prekindergarten to Grade 3

Webinar video and presentation slides: This 2018 webinar explored strategies to create culturally responsive and emotionally supportive pre-K-3 classrooms for children from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. The presentation offered practical advice for using data and evidence to improve early school experiences and set all students up for success. Resources: Presentation | Video

Effective Components of Successful Early Learning-to-Kindergarten Transitions

Webinar video: This 90-minute webinar can inform early learning-to-kindergarten transition efforts by staff at the state, district, and school levels.